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Varifocals.......natural vision at all distances

Varifocals combine several prescriptions in a single lens, making continuous vision possible from near to far. Varifocal lenses are the easiest solution to presbyopia (age-related long-sightedness), as they provide sharp focus in any field of vision, because they are individually matched to your eyes.

There is an extensive range of Varifocal lenses available, most are available as high index, photochromic(transitions), polarised and tinted.Jai Kudo (our preferred supplier) offer a range to suit all budgets and lifestyle requirements, from entry level to totally customised lens designs.

Entry level varifocals start at £100.00, however they can take longer to adapt to. 

We highly recommend the new progressive lens from Jai Kudo. Called Confidence and use digital freeform technology to personalize the lens to an individuals needs. This is an amazing lens, we have had virtually no non tolerances, the pricing for this type of lens is exceptionally competitive, with basic uncoated lenses starting at £145.00. It is available as high index, transitions or polarized.If you are worried about varifocals...DON`T BE, try CONFIDENCE you`ll be pleasantly surprised

Our new premium lens supplier, fully personalised varifocal lenses for clients who want the best Brilliant new lenses

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